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Multi-flex neo-hybrid identities: liberatory postmodern and (post)colonial narratives of South African women’s hair and the media construction of identity

Hair has been a marker of identity that communicates issues of race, acceptability, class and beauty. Evidence of this was during colonialism and apartheid where South African identities were defined by physical characteristics such as the texture of one’s hair, and the colour of one’s skin.

Citizen Science and Environmental Justice in South Africa’s Water Sector

At the heart of the fight for environmental justice (EJ) by activists and communities is a contestation involving information and knowledge, including an understanding of the science surrounding those injustices. The focus of this thesis, through the use of case studies in South Africa, is on how people and organisations are using science to achieve EJ as it relates to the more specific water challenges they experience.

Demand-Side Factors and the Employment of Young People: A Case Study of the Recruitment and Selection Strategies of Selected Firms in Johannesburg

Unemployment is a long-standing and pressing socio-economic phenomenon that affects, markedly, both developed and developing countries. Although, in one way or another, many people are affected by unemployment, the reviewed literature concurs that youth unemployment is a critical component of the overall unemployment challenge.

Language use and communication challenges faced by customers who are less proficient in English and Afrikaans: case studies of two South African state-owned enterprises

Use of Official Languages Act (No. 12 of 2012) applies to all national departments and state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and stipulates that they should promote multilingualism when interacting with members of the public and/or customers.

The kuils river multiple: Versions of an urban river on Theedge of Cape Town, South Africa

This thesis explores how diverse ways of knowing and being with the Kuils River, located in Cape Town, South Africa, are shaped and in turn shape the river. The management of water (in pipes and rivers) and the development of water infrastructure are deeply rooted in societal development agendas that, over time, have been embedded in discourses of empire, economic growth, state formation, sustainability and technological efficiency.

Pathways towards embodied technique: disrupting representationalism in South African contemporary dance praxis

This thesis and cartography form part of an artistic research project that seeks to disrupt representationalism in South African contemporary dance praxis. The study argues that discursive methodologies risk recrafting colonial scripts and tether contemporary dance practices within a framework that perceives such practices as responses to the aesthetics and practices of Western theatre dance.

Transnationalisation and Indigenisation of Euro- American Hymns in South Africa through the Creative Agency of Arranging

As a cultural practitioner, my work has often entailed choral practices within ensembles and beyond. My interest in the migration of ideas, especially those of a musical nature, has presented the use of Euro-American hymns in South Africa as a viable site for investigation.