Mahlubi Mabizela

Job Title: 
DHET: Chief Director

Mahlubi Mabizela is a Chief Director: University Policy and Development Support in the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). The Chief Directorate is responsible for the development and implementation of various policies in higher education; management and reporting on higher education research outputs; and the administration of the registration of private higher education institutions. The Chief Directorate is also responsible for supporting the work on transformation in higher education and the Higher Education and Training HIV and AIDS (HEAIDS) Programme, which renders health and wellness services to the higher education sector. Within the Department, he has for eight years led the work on institutional support and sector liaison which included governance support to universities councils and students’ representative councils. He has served in several advisory panels and boards, representing the DHET. He is the author of several peer-reviewed publications on Higher Education in South Africa and was the principal co-editor of a special issue of the Journal of Higher Education in Africa.


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