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Newspaper and Opinion piecesMatch policy with reality and young people stand a chance Cloete, N. & Butler-Adam, J. 2012Download
Newspaper and Opinion piecesTraining new academics is a complex challenge Quinn, L. & Vorster, J.A. 2012Download
Newspaper and Opinion piecesTheory and practice need to find each other again Augustyn, J. & Cillié, G. 2012Download
PresentationsASSAF Tracer Study of University Graduates in the Social Science, Humanities and Arts. Mouton, Boshoff, James & Treptow. 2012Social Science, Humanities, ArtsDownload
Research ReportsPast, present and the future: The public value of the humanities and social sciences British Academy 2010 humanities, social sciences, cultural, social economic health, wealth, Download
Research ReportsThe Nairobi Report. Frameworks for Africa-UK Research Collaboration in the Social Sciences and Humanities. Harle, Jonathan 2009Social Sciences, HumanitiesDownload
Publications and ReportsWaeving Success: Voices of Change in African Higeher Eduation Lindow,Megan 2011African Higeher EduationDownload
Publications and ReportsAccomplishments of the Partnership for Higher Education in Africa, 2000-2010 Grant Lewis,S., Friedman, J., Schoneboom, J. 2012Higher Education in AfricaDownload
Publications and ReportsConsensus Study on the Future of the Humanities in South Africa: Status, prospects and strategies Academy of Science of South Africa 2011HumanitiesDownload
Publications and ReportsGroundbreaking study on Humanities crisis in South Africa ASSAF 2012Humanities crisis Download
Publications and ReportsHigher Education Monitor Council of Higher Education 2010Higher EducationDownload
Research ReportsTowards a New Higher Education Landscape: CHE Size and Shape of higher education task team 2010 Higher EducationDownload
Publications and ReportsPostgraduate Studies in South Africa: A Statistical Profile CHE and Centre for Research on Science and Technology 2009Postgraduate Studies in South AfricaDownload
Publications and ReportsLocal Case Study: Merger scenario with pipeline studentKistan , Chandru 2006Download
Research Reports1998/1999 Annual Report of the Council of Higher Education CHE 1998 Higher EducationDownload
Research ReportsThe State of Higher Education in South Africa CHE 2001Higher EducationDownload
Publications and ReportsNzimande: African languages under threat. Mail & Guardian Staff reporter 2009African languages, Download
Publications and ReportsThe human factor Vale, Peter 2010Higher Education, neglected humanities sectorDownload
Publications and ReportsCensus 2011: Not enough progress in education John, Victoria 2012Census 2011, Download
Publications and ReportsNzimande cleaning house to avoid another UJ stampede Fazel, Aneesa 2012Higher Education Minister, Blade Nzimande, UniversitiesDownload
Publications and ReportsUniversities round on Nzimande and his Higher Education Amendment Bill Nkosi, Bongani 2012Universities, Higher EducationDownload
Publications and ReportsGovernment wants a slow growth of student numbers in universities Staff reporter 2005Government, University transformationDownload
Publications and ReportsThree ways to right the three Rs Vale, Peter 2007South African higher educationDownload
Publications and ReportsThe human factor Vale, Peter 2010Higher Education, Download
Publications and ReportsPutting knowledge economy first Crewe, R. 2012Science and Technology, Download
Publications and ReportsA Sputnik moment? The natural sciences and humanities. An intervivew with Edward L. Ayers Peter Vale 2009Natural sciences, HumanitiesDownload
Publications and ReportsMore PhDs are not the answer Muller, Sean 2012Human resource developmentDownload
Publications and ReportsWits can be a model for Africa Webster, E. 1995 Wits University, African universitiesDownload
Publications and ReportsFrom ivory tower to ebony tower: The Wits university battle Naidoo, Prishani 1996Wits universityDownload
Publications and ReportsDiversity enriches learning Webster, E. 1997University teachers, Lecture hallsDownload
Publications and ReportsDragons are lurking Vale, P. 2004Minister of EducationDownload
Publications and ReportsRecolonising the mind: The rise of African National Education Kistner, U 2009Higher education, African National EducationDownload
Publications and ReportsWhose "way forward" for the humanities is it anyway? Ensor,P. 2010HumanitiesDownload
Publications and Reports2010 Legacy: Now we need to grow black brain power Soudien, C. 2010Higher educationDownload
Publications and ReportsThe slow death of the intellectual Jansen, J 2010Higher EducationDownload
Publications and Reportsthis article draws on an article published by the Leadership Foundation’s (for Higher Education) Engage magazine Issue 14:2008 Leadership Foundation 2009Download
Publications and ReportsHumanities key to our republic Vale, P. 2010HumanitiesDownload
Publications and ReportsWhat is the real value of higher education? Vale & Higgins 2011Higher educationDownload
Publications and ReportsDilemma of the humanities Higgins, J. 2011Humanities Download
Publications and ReportsFarewell the hollowed ground Vale, P. 2011Download
Publications and ReportsRestless Natives, native questions’ Lalu, P. 2011HumanitiesDownload
Publications and ReportsHumanities offers the gift of reason Soudien, C. 2011HumanitiesDownload
Publications and ReportsDeath of humanities will mean ‘the dissolution of society’ Hamilton, L. 2011HumanitiesDownload
Publications and ReportsSA must hear calls for change in humanities’ Hamilton, L. 2011Humanities, Social sciencesDownload
Publications and ReportsAsmal's biography sheds light on lessons that go unlearned Vale, P. 2011Politicians, Higher educationDownload
Publications and ReportsSilence vs dissent’ Pillay,S. 1996Humanities, Social sciencesDownload
Publications and ReportsTeaching academics the art Jansen, J 2011Teaching skills, Undergraduate teachingDownload
Publications and ReportsOpinion Analysis Jansen, J 2012Poor quality of education, South Africa, UniveristiesDownload
Publications and ReportsBrains must beat first Jansen, J 2012Student violent protest, University transformationDownload
Publications and ReportsDon't drop the skills ball, Mantashe warns Nzimande Nkosi, B 2012Higher Education, South Africa's skillsDownload
Publications and ReportsStill searching for ‘the human' O'connell, S. 2012Humanities, Civil society, Good citizensDownload
Publications and ReportsThe middle cannot hold Jansen, J 2012Western Cape educationDownload
Publications and ReportsMediocrity does not rule, okay? Jansen, J 2012Download
Research ReportsThe Transformation of Higher Education in South Africa: How Much Have We Achived?Luescher, T.M., & Symes, A.2003Policy Developments, Research Report, Higher Education Download
Newspaper and Opinion piecesHigher Education and Social Transformation - South Africa Case StudyDr Thiven Reddy2004social changes, higher educationDownload
Publications and Reports"The challenges of transformation in higher education and training institutions in South Africa"Saleem Badat2010Download
Publications and ReportsUnleashing the Potential of South African Universities: Assessing the Education EcosystemSalmi, Jamil.2012 higher/tertiary education, Safety and securityDownload
Publications and ReportsHigher Education: Contribution for the NPC's National Development Plan Badsha,N. & Cloete, N.2011higher educationDownload
Publications and ReportsThe PhD and the degree structure of South African higher education, a brief and rough guidedu Toit, Andre2012PhD graduatesDownload
Publications and ReportsSouth African Higer Education: Past, Present and Future.Council on Higher Education2004higher educationDownload
Publications and ReportsInsight: HESA Strategic Framework For The Next 10 Years: Pathways to a Diverse and Effective South African Higher Education SystHigher Education South Africa (HESA)2009Higher Education, challanges and opportunitiesDownload
Publications and ReportsA New Academic Policy for Policy for Programmes And Qualifications in Higher EducationCouncil on Higher Education2002higher education qualificationsDownload
Publications and ReportsHigher Education in South Africa Post 1994: Towards a Critical AssessmentBadat, Saleem2007Solomon Mahlangu Education Lecture, higher education transformation, higher educationDownload
Publications and ReportsTwo new universities to open by 2014: NzimandeSAPA2012Higher EducationDownload
Publications and ReportsStronger universities need to support developmentRønning, Asle.2012economic development, African societiesDownload
Publications and ReportsSouth Africa: Transformation needs to be transformedKadalie, Rhoda2009university areasDownload
Publications and ReportsThe Humanities and Social Sciences in SA: Crisis or Cause for ConcernMouton, Johann2011Charter for humanities, social sciencesDownload
Publications and ReportsUniversity rankings a flawed toolMuller, Sean2013 higher insitutionsDownload
Publications and ReportsProgress Report: HSS Ministerial Special Project (April 2013)HSS 2013Download
Newspaper and Opinion piecesThe limits of the literaryGarside, D2014Higher education, Humanities, Literary studies, Intellectualism, University transformation, Teaching, ResearchDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesSet course for a new destinationMaluleke, T.S2014Education, Higher education, Research productivity, Graduate unemployment, Social transformation, Social cohesion, Knowledge productionDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesSing from the same higher education hymn sheetHESA2014Higher Education, Economic and social democracy, Research and post graduate education, Science and knowledge production, Enrolment, National Planning Commission, Research infrastructure, Epistemological transformationDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesPoor students face massive financial stressMachika, P., & Johnson,B.2014Higher education, Socio-economic rights, Financial aid, Poverty, Academic success, Drop-out rates, Low income households, National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), Sociocultural resourcesDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesA lesson in power and privilegeBalfour, R.2014Higher education, Student initiation, Cultural identity, North-West University, MonoculturalismDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesVarsity buildings salute apartheidSpaull, N2014Higher Education, Freedom Day, Stellenbosch University, Racism, Inclusive education, Social transformationDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesDownsizing the humanities is a recipe for increasing alienationAlexander, N2014Higher education, Education, Knowledge economy, Liberal arts, Academic transformation, Consensus Study of the State of the Humanities in South Africa: Status, Prospects and Strategies (August 2011), “language of ­globalisation”Download
Newspaper and Opinion piecesA compass for varsity changeZide, G.N.2013Higher education, Institutional transformation, Soudien ministerial report on discrimination,Transformation charters, HESADownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesTransformation reduced to numbersMorrell, R.2013Higher Education, Education, Institutional transformation, Institutional culture, Higher education transformation oversight committeeDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesDecolonising the humanitiesPillay,S.2013Higher education, Critical scholarship, Humanities, Social sciences, Bantu studies,Eurocentrism, Afrophobia, Humanities charterDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesRecolonising the humanities?Higgins, J. 2013Education, Higher education, Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (Codesria), Institutional autonomy and accountabilityDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesAn ongoing process of discoveryBrown, D.2012Education, Higher education, University of Western Cape, 'Becoming UWC', Humanities and social sciences, 'Reflections, Pathways and Unmaking Apartheid’s Legacy'Download
Newspaper and Opinion piecesStill searching for 'the human'Lalu, P.2012Higher Education, National Research Foundation, Department of Science and Technology, Developmental state, Research prioritiesDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesJM Coetzee: Universities head for extinctionCoetzee, J.M.2013Education, Higher education, Humanism, Academic autonomy, Critical literacyDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesHigher education department wants to dispel distrustNkosi, B2013Higher education, Education policy, Transformation, HESA, Counter-transmissionDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesHumanities row displays bad 'form'Kistner, U2013Higher education, Education, 'Decolonising the humanities', Eurocentric, Afrocentric, Institutional AutonomyDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesAfrican studies reach out across the pondBreckenridge, K2013Higher education, Education, Social and economic research, TransnationalismDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesEnough is good as a feastMotala, E. & Vally, S2013Higher education, Education, 'Language, culture and identity, Inequality, Pedagogical practiceDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesIs institutional autonomy a myth?Pillay,S.2013Education, Higher Education, 'Ideology of race', Institutional autonomy, Academic freedom, The council on higher educationDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesConcept of post-apartheid can help humanities debateLalu, P.2013Higher education, Race relations, Humanities research, Thatcherism, Birmingham Centre for Contemporary Cultural StudiesDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesNetworks for scholarly excellenceSitas, A., & Mosoetsa, S.2013Education, Curriculum development, South African Humanities Deans Association, African studies, BRICS, Think-tanks, Higher educationDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesHumanities ready to weigh anchorSitas, A., & Mosoetsa, S.2013Higher education, Social sciences, National Institute for the Humanities and the Social Sciences, Higher Education ActDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesRethinking Maties' apartheid pastMbali, M., & Walters, H.2013Higher education, Medical anthropology, African cultures, Cultural anthropology, Download
Newspaper and Opinion piecesVarsities buckle under cash crunchHamilton, S.2013Higher education, White paper on post-school education and training, Skills development, Social transformation, Developmental stateDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesTop academic pulls out of ‘sham’ raceNkosi, B2013Education, Politics, National Research Foundation, TransformationDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesVarsity’s top-job criteria  ‘not credibleNkosi, B2013Higher education, Academic research, HESA, PoliticsDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesTransformation conundrumNombembe, P., & Louw, P.2013University transformation, racism, UFS, University of the Free State, Jansen, J., Pandor, N., Nzimande, B., ministerial committees, Reitz FourDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesRace debate: Not so fast …Price, M.2014University transformation, racial equity, gender equity, Price, M., professional development, professorships, researcher developmentDownload
Newspaper and Opinion pieces10 steps to develop black professorsMangcu, X.2014University transformation, professorships, black intellectuals, academic transformation, tenureshipDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesBlack academics must stake their claimCanham, H.2013University transformation, black academics, black intellectualsDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesStorm over controversial varsity 'commissariat'McFarlane, D.2013University transformation, ministerial committees, Nzimande, B., monitoring, higher education reformDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesBlade picks Makgoba to head transformation team John, V.2013University transformation, Makgoba, M., Nzimande, B., ministerial committees, monitoring, black advancement, black academics, black intellectualsDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesHigher education must be transformedQonde, G.2013University transformation, racism, discrimination, black academics, Nzimande, B., Mail and Guardian, right to replyDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesBlade's new committee risks undermining university councilsMabelebele, J.2014University transformation, monitoring, Nzimande, B., higher education transformation, university autonomy, governance, university councilsDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesMinister given a blue light to ride roughshod over academic rightsGauntlett, J.2013university transformation, ministerial committees, monitoring, academic rights, academic freedom, Nzimande, B., constitutional rights, Higher Education and Training Laws Amendment Act 23 of 2012, apartheidDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesRehumanising the colonialitiesDladla, N. & Delport, T. 2013Humanities, university transformation, academic agendas, colonialism, Eurocentrism, Western thought, curricula, alienation, otherness, the otherDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesDropout rate points to lack of supportJohn, V.2013Drop out rates, university transformation, data, research findings, Council on Higher Education, undergraduates, student support, statisticsDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesWe will bite our tongues no moreHlatshwayo, M.2013Decolonisation, humanities, language, Pillay, S., social sciences, knowledge production, colonial dispossessionDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesSymbols trailing tyrannies of the pastSchmahmann, B.2013Sculptures, universities, colonialism, apartheid, nationalism, art, history, analysis, decolonization, humanitiesDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesRacist lecturers must be dismissed: TUT SRCSAPA2014Racism, universities, students, lecturers, TUT, Tshwane University of TechnologyDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesVaal university closed after student protestsMokoena, L.2014Vaal University of Technology, VUT, student protests, university closures, student subsidiesDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesTUT classes suspended following student protestSAPA2014Student protests, university closures, Tshwane University of Technology; TUTDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesEnd UKZN strike, says ANCSAPA2014Student protests, UKZN, University of KwaZulu-Natal, negotiations, disputes, university managementDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesStudents protest at University of KwaZulu-NatalSAPA2014Student protests, UKZN; University of KwaZulu-Natal, Westville campus, student supportDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesRace row derails Diversity Month at Mandela universityDaniels, A., Cornelius, J.2014Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, NMMU, racial issues, events, 20 years of democracy, Talking walls project, racism, university transformationDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesWits head warns of revolutionWagner, L.2014University of the Witwatersrand, Habib, A., public violence, student protests, inequality, poverty, revolutions, service delivery, accountability, excessive forceDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesGraphic – University researchDepartment of Higher Education and Training (DHET)2014DHET, Department of Higher Education and Training, research outputs, universities, research publications, publishing, statistics, research findingsDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesLack of black professors at SA’s universitiesAnon2014Professors, universities, black academics, black intellectuals, university transformation, infographics, apartheid, whitesDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesNzimande launches first university since 1994Anon2014Sol Plaatjie University, Kimberley, Humanities, African intellectualism, thought leaders, apartheid, university transformation, social sciencesDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesSA produces fewer doctorates than a single university in BrazilMasondo, S.2014Higher Education South Africa, doctoral graduates, HESA, parliament, portfolio committees, research findings, doctoral students, PhD students, BrazilDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesWhere are our black academics?Van der Merwe, J.2014University transformation, black advancement, professorships, racial equity, workplace equity, university professorsDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesThe myth of the jobless graduateVan rensburg, D.2014Graduates, unemployment, higher education, private colleges, FET, further education and trainingDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesBlack academics must stake their claimCanham, H.2013University transformation, black academics, lecturers, senior staff membersDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesVarsities lack innovation – PandorAnon2012University transformation, innovation, social innovation, research, business, industry, science, technology, humanitiesDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesEradicating poor gender and race habits in universitiesJohn, V.2014gender equity, racial equity, university transformation, higher education, racism, black intellectuals, black academics, patriarchiesDownload
Research ReportsA proposal for undergraduate curriculum reform in South Africa: The case for a flexible curriculum structureNdebele, N., Badsha, N., Figaji, B., Gevers, W., & Pityana, B.2013Higher education, Curriculum Structure, Transformation, Institutional autonomy, Higher Education Qualifications Sub-FrameworkDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesIncrease in racism, use of ‘K’ word at universities – SAHRCSAPA2014Higher education, Human rights, Race relations, University transformationDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesDid your university make the top 100 in emerging economies?Masondo, S.2013Higher Education, BRICS, Emerging economies, Higher Education Rankings 2014, Leading research UniversitiesDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesSouth Africa's universities 'racially skewed', claims watchdogSmith, D.2013Higher education, Transformation, Empowerment, Admission policiesDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesBlack South African graduate numbers rise fourfold in 20 yearsSmith, D.2011Higher education, Expansion, Transformation, Multi-racialism, South African Institute for Race Relations, Download
Newspaper and Opinion piecesWhy are there so few black professors in South Africa?Africa Network expert panel2014Higher education, Racial composition, Institutional power, TransformationDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesGovernment sets aside R169m for academic staff shortagesSAPA2014Higher education, Academic staff shortages, Financing, EmpowermentDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesSA’s doctoral dilemmaMasondo, S.2014South African Universities, Academy of Science, PhD shortageDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesRhodes University appoints new vice-chancellorJohn, V.2014Rhodes University, Transformation, Staff development, Institutional cultureDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesBlade defends colleges against complaints from private sectorNkosi, Bongani2014Higher education, Technical and vocational education and training (TVET) institutions, International practice, Skills development, Private sectorDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesFET colleges get an F for auditsNkosi, Bongani2014Higher education, FET colleges, Control environment, Budgetary allocations, Internal control deficiencies Download
Newspaper and Opinion piecesBlade launches white paper to meet needs of 'neets'John, V2014Higher education, Multi-year plan, Post school education and training, Community colleges, Download
Newspaper and Opinion piecesDUT to meet some student demands - managementDipa, K.2014Higher education, Durban University of Technology, National Student Financial Scheme (NSFAS)Download
Newspaper and Opinion piecesEducation in briefM&G Reporter2012Higher education, Science and innovation, Rural universities, Research infrastructure, Science and technology policyDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesProtests erupt at DUT over NSFAS nonpaymentStolley, G.2014Tertiary education, NSFAS, Student Representative Council, DUTDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesVarsities: We daren't let the bucks stop hereHabib, A2014Higher education, Research-intensive universities, World Bank, AccountabilityDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesAddressing the shortage of black and women professorsPrice, M.2014Higher education, Employment equity policy, Emerging Researchers Programme (ERP)Download
Newspaper and Opinion piecesSA’s black academics are getting raw dealMangcu, X.2014Higher education, fellowships, Think-tanks, RacialDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesAfrica must take pride of place in higher educationMsila, V.2014Higher education, Education curricula, language debate, Institute for African Renaissance StudiesDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesLETTER: Danger of capriceSoudien, C.2014Higher education, UCT, Nepotism, Discrimination in promotion,Download
Newspaper and Opinion piecesAcademic privilege is a grey areaMuller, Sean2014Higher Education, South African academia, Higher Education South Africa (Hesa)Download
Newspaper and Opinion piecesNo replacement for ageing brainsMuller, Sean2014Tertiary education, Retirement, Mentor successorsDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesTraining new academics is a complex challengeQuinn & Vorster2014Tertiary Education, Transformative education system, Research capacity, MentoringDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesMother-tongue classrooms give a better boost to English study laterTaylor & Coetzee2014Higher education, Mother tongue education, Language policy, Education policyDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesJansen: Wrest power from English tyrannyJansen, J2013Higher education, Pan South African Language Board, Quality of teachingDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesExtraordinary measures to drive changeM&G Reporter2014Higher education, Transformative systems, Drivers of change, Intensive trainingDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesSA professors need a new complexionCityPress2014Higher education, Race relations, Transformation, Academic achievements, EquityDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesGraphic – Long road ahead for SA universitiesCityPress2013Higher education, Transformation, Demographic profiles, Research outputs, Download
Newspaper and Opinion pieces382 years for SA’s top 5 research universities to transformMasondo, S.2013Tertiary education, Education transformation, Staff profile, 'White privilege', Equity profileDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesUnions want part in education transformation committeeSAPA2013Higher education, Transformation, Discrimination, SA Parastatal and Tertiary Union (Saptu), Federation of Unions of SADownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesUnions must get involved in tertiary education – NzimandeCityPress2012Tertiary education, Transformation, Unions, Education policies, Curricula, Workplace trainingDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesUniversity bosses still rake in millionsCityPress2012Higher education, Executive salaries, University council, guidelinesDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesWim de Villiers named new Stellenbosch University VCJohn, V.2014Higher education, Stellenbosch University, Vice-chancellor, Wim de VilliersDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesNorthern Cape university opens doors in KimberleyJohn, V.2014Higher education, Northern Cape, National Institute for Higher Education, Northern Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry Download
Newspaper and Opinion piecesBlade: South Africans are ‘chancers’SAPA2015Tertiary education, Post-matric, Careers, Post-school tertiary education and trainingDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesBlade Nzimande warns Afrikaans university to changeSAPA2014Higher education, Transformation, Language policy, Download
Newspaper and Opinion piecesMore money for students – Blade NzimandeSAPA2015Higher education, Transformation, National Skills Fund, Equity, Access to education, DisabilitiesDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesDoors closed for SA university applicationsManyathi, N.2015Tertiary education, Admissions, Applications, Diversity, TransformationDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesNWU Potch campus an ‘apartheid enclave’ – Blade NzimandeSAPA2014Higher education, Transformation, Race relations, Fascist initiations, Moral corruption, Institutional modelsDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesWe’ll tackle racism in education – Blade NzimandeSAPA2014Higher education, Social inclusion, Admission policies, Race relations, Institutional autonomyDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesFake qualifications undermine education system – Blade NzimandeSAPA2014Higher education, Transformation, Criminal Justice System, Qualification forgeryDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesNorth-West University’s Ntate Dan Kgwadi: new captain of the shipFitzpatrick,M.2013Higher education, Transformation, North-West University, National Research Foundation, Ntate Dan Kgwadi Download
Newspaper and Opinion piecesStudent salute isn’t a Nazi salute, says North-West University vice-chancellorHarper, P.2014North-West University, Higher education, Race relations, Transformation, neo-Nazi culture, TransformationDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesNorth-West University in denial about fascist culture, says education departmentMasondo, S.2014Race relations, Transformation policies, Higher education, Unconstitutional, Download
Newspaper and Opinion piecesHuman Rights Commission to investigate racism at UFSSAPA2014Human Rights Commission, Racism, University of Free State, Higher education, Transformation, Democracy, Dignity, EqualityDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesThandi Modise shocked at reports of Nazi salute at universitySAPA2014Higher education, Transformation, Race relations, Ethnic and racial indoctrination, North-West UniversityDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesAnother UFS ‘racist’ attack makes headlinesNews242014Race relations, University of Free State, Higher education, Social transformation, Human Rights CommissionDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesUniversity apologises for radio station’s Nazi commentsCityPress2011Higher Education, Transformation, Racism, University of Pretoria, Institutional values, SA Jewish BoardDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesRadio station won’t apologise for ‘Nazi-ing’ campaignCityPress2011Higher education, Race relations, Nazi-ing campaign, Transformation, Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa, University of PretoriaDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesEducation official apologises for racist rant, but he’s not off the hook yetSAPA2013Higher education, Hate speech, Dr Ntavhanyeni Phaswana, Limpopo education, Equality court, Race relationsDownload
Newspaper and Opinion pieces‘Racist’ attackers don’t represent us – Jonathan JansenDavids, K.2014Higher education, Racism, University of Free State, Transformation, Bloemfontein Magistrates’ Court Download
Newspaper and Opinion piecesRector lodges complaint over ‘non-AA’ students adNews242014Higher education, Transformation, Rental racism, non-affirmative actionDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesJansen: I stand by my decisionCityPress2009Tertiary Institutions, Racism, University of Free State, Dignity, Equality, Human Rights CommissionDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesJansen: I stand by my decisionCityPress2009Tertiary Institutions, Racism, University of Free State, Dignity, Equality, Human Rights CommissionDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesCabinet unhappy over UFS decision on Reitz fourCityPress2009University of Free State, Higher education, Reitz four, Dignity, Human rights, Equality courtDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesZuma says universities are too costly - Nzimande disagreesNkosi, Bongani2015Higher education, National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), Infrastructure development, Higher education policy Download
Newspaper and Opinion piecesTUT's Professor Ogude was 'pushed out'Nkosi, Bongani2014Higher education, TUT, Professor Nthabiseng Ogude dismissal, University Governing BodyDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesBlade: No enemy of Afrikaans - but it can't dominate tertiary institutionsNkosi, Bongani2014Higher education, Transformation, Increased enrollment, Intellectual blackmail, Language policyDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesUniversities urged to recognise college qualificationsNkosi, Bongani2014Higher education, White paper on post-school education, National Plan of Action, TransformationDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesNWU 'Sieg Heil' was not innocent, says education deptSAPA2014'Sieg Heil', North-West University, Unconstitutional, Democracy, Higher education, Transformation, Race relationsDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesDropouts and passes: How far has education really come?David Macfarlane, Victoria John2014Higher education, Independent Council on Higher Education, University dropout, Landmark white paper on post-school education and training Download
Newspaper and Opinion piecesMinister warns students over criticism Nkosi, Bongani2012Higher education, Deputy Higher Education Minister Mduduzi Manana, ANC Youth League, Academic acumenDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesBlade's green paper cuts to the education coreDavid Macfarlane2012Higher education, Green paper: Post-school education and training, Transformation, Enrolment, Social instability Download
Newspaper and Opinion piecesBlade: FET colleges must become students' top choiceStaff Reporter2012Higher education, Transformation, FET Vs Universities, Green Paper, MergersDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesUniversities remain a bastion of gender discriminationVictoria John2014Gender discrimination, Higher education, Equality, Dignity, TransformationDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesHumanities 'stagnant' for yearsDavid Macfarlane2011Humanities, Higher education, Transformation, Intellectual stagnation, Commercialization of knowledgeDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesHumanities: And now? Mapping the way forwardDavid Macfarlane2011Academy of Science of South Africa (Assaf), Higher education, TransformationDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesA "big noise" on rural educationRYAN HOFFMANN2015Higher education, Transformation, Rural education, South African Native National Congress, Inter-InstitutionalDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesShock report reveals dire conditionsDavid Macfarlane2012University accommodation, Higher education, Transformation, Residence infrastructure, Indigent studentsDownload
Newspaper and Opinion piecesWe have betrayed our studentsThe Editorial2012Higher education, Transformation, Vulnerability, University residence, Dignity, University budgetsDownload