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  • ‘Racist’ attackers don’t represent us – Jonathan Jansen

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: Davids, K.
    Year of Publishing: 2014
    Keywords: Higher education, Racism, University of Free State, Transformation, Bloemfontein Magistrates’ Court

    The bad behaviour of two or ten or 20 students does not represent the behaviour of 30 000 students, Professor Jonathan Jansen, rector of the University of the Free State (UFS), has said after an alleged racist attack. Professor Jansen called for realistic thinking and pointed out that anyone who thinks transformation can be driven without resistance clearly does not understand how difficult the process is. In an the open letter Jansen states that, emergency measures have been introduced to discuss the incident in depth with all who are involved. (City Press 21 February 2014)

  • Zuma says universities are too costly - Nzimande disagrees

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: Nkosi, Bongani
    Year of Publishing: 2015
    Keywords: Higher education, National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), Infrastructure development, Higher education policy

    A 2013 government report found that government funding for these academic institutions has not kept up with enrolment numbers. Nzimande said the ANC was raising “legitimate concerns”, but South Africa’s allocation of only 1.4% of the gross domestic product to higher education was low. Even by African standards we’re below average. We do need to increase the amount of money we use to support our higher education institutions. (Mail & Guardian 12 January 2015)

  • Wits head warns of revolution

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: Wagner, L.
    Year of Publishing: 2014
    Keywords: University of the Witwatersrand, Habib, A., public violence, student protests, inequality, poverty, revolutions, service delivery, accountability, excessive force

    Reports the views of Wits University vice-chancellor Professor Adam Habib that South Africa's 'out of control' public violence will transform into a revolution if inequality is not dealt with immediately [Timeslive, 15 August 2014].

  • Why are there so few black professors in South Africa?

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: Africa Network expert panel
    Year of Publishing: 2014
    Keywords: Higher education, Racial composition, Institutional power, Transformation

    "Twenty years after apartheid, only 14% of university professors are black. Our panel of South African experts has very different ideas about why this might be". (Guardian UK, 6 October 2014)

  • Where are our black academics?

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: Van der Merwe, J.
    Year of Publishing: 2014
    Keywords: University transformation, black advancement, professorships, racial equity, workplace equity, university professors

    Reports on findings that fewer than one in 10 of South Africa’s university professors are black [City Press, 3 August 2014].

  • We’ll tackle racism in education – Blade Nzimande

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: SAPA
    Year of Publishing: 2014
    Keywords: Higher education, Social inclusion, Admission policies, Race relations, Institutional autonomy

    Government will implement several measures to stop racism and discrimination in educational institutions, says Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande. A social inclusion policy framework needs to be put in place to encourage constructive dialogue on issues including admission policies of universities.The policy’s intention was to ensure that educational institutions recognize and promote integration, human rights, unity in diversity, and human dignity. (City Press 21 August 2014)

  • We have betrayed our students

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: The Editorial
    Year of Publishing: 2012
    Keywords: Higher education, Transformation, Vulnerability, University residence, Dignity, University budgets

    A new report now shows much more profound ways of understanding why, every year, violent student protests erupt around the country. We are betraying the promises we made to our young about opening the doors of learning and culture to all, because we cannot adequately support even those few school leavers who make it to university, or not many of them. And if you are, for instance, hungry more often than not, your chances of academic success are slim.

  • Varsity’s top-job criteria  ‘not credible

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: Nkosi, B
    Year of Publishing: 2013
    Keywords: Higher education, Academic research, HESA, Politics

    This article demonstrates how questions have arisen over the integrity of the selection process for the position of new vice-chancellor of Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Political analyst and physicist Sipho Seepe this week lambasted the credibility of the selection process for a new vice-chancellor of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), a position for which he is short-listed. [14 June 2013]


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