Frequently Asked Questions


The NIHSS has two doctoral scholarship programmes, namely the NIHSS-SAHUDA (for South Africans) and NIHSS- CODESRIA (for non-South Africans).


Doctoral Students are encouraged to apply whenever there is an NIHSS Doctoral Scholarship Call. Calls are posted on the NIHSS website and distributed to the South African Humanities Deans Association (SAHUDA) and the Council for the Development of Social Sciences Research in Africa (CODESRIA). Applicants should apply online on:


The NIHSS website’s landing page has a LATEST drop-down menu on its landing page. Interested candidates can select News on the menu and then a list of all latest news including NIHSS Doctoral Calls.


Prospective applicants should refer to the NIHSS Doctoral Call documents in the year of application. The NIHSS Doctoral Call documents contain important information such as scope, eligibility criteria, submission requirements for the respective doctoral scholarship programme.


Applicants must have obtained their Masters degree. When making online application, a copy of the certificate must be attached together with application documents.


The application and review process take a maximum of three (3) months to be completed. Applicants will only receive the outcomes once the review process has been finalised.



With each award, timelines for submission of Scholarship documents are clearly communicated in the Scholarship award letter.


Upon receipt of an award, a list of all NIHSS University administrators and details, including all Scholarship documents to be completed and signed, will be sent to the successful applicant. These documents must be completed and signed by applicant. The completed original Scholarship documents must then be submitted to the NIHSS affiliated University Administrators or Deans office for securing Dean signature and couriering to the NIHSS.


  • Fully completed, compliant and signed NIHSS Doctoral Scholarship agreement.
  • Copy of Doctoral Scholarship Award letter
  • Proof of registration
  • Certified copy of ID.


It takes a maximum 4 weeks for a payment claim to be processed, if all submitted documents are fully compliant. For any payment queries, students can send an email to:

Proof of payments are sent to NIHSS affiliated university administrators who in turn communicate the payment information and the university disbursement processes to the paid student.


There are two (2) reporting requirements for existing students. The Mid- Year Progress Report (MYPR) which is submitted Mid – Year; and the Annual Progress Report (APR) submitted at the end of each funding year. The purpose of the MYPR report is to track Student Progress. With regards to the APR, the Student and Supervisor are required to submit reports. It is solely the responsibility of the Student to also follow up with the supervisor for submission of their supervisor’s report. Non-submission of a supervisor report is regarded as an incomplete submission of the APR.


Once the Student completes their APR and submits their online report, an automated link is sent to the supervisor, prompting the supervisor to complete his/her report.


Upon receipt of both the Students and Supervisor Annual Progress Report, the reports are reviewed, and renewal is based on satisfactory progress and availability of funds.


As per section (4) subsection (4.3) of the NIHSS Doctoral Scholarship agreement states: ‘On having been awarded the degree, the Student must submit the following to the NIHSS, before 30 days elapse’:

  • A copy of the PhD certificate from the university
  • A copy of thesis report (PDF)/and an electronic version of the thesis via
  • A high-resolution picture of the graduation (Optional)

A Student shall acknowledge the financial assistance of the NIHSS on the title page of the mini thesis/dissertation as well as in all papers and publications that      emanate from the study as follows.

For any queries regarding the submission of Doctoral completion documents, Students can email:



The NIHSS Doctoral Scholarship award letter provides information on the role of NIHSS Mentors. Students are encouraged to also visit our website for the List of NIHSS Regional and Roving Mentors.


Attendance of Regional Doctoral Workshops is a contractual obligation and is therefore compulsory. It is thus vital for students to familiarise themselves with the Mentors active in their regions. If students cannot attend a scheduled regional workshop, they must notify the respective regional mentor and provide valid reasons.


Doctoral Students are encouraged to attend RDI’s in the region where they are registered. However, in cases where such an arrangement is not possible, students must notify the NIHSS and to also liaise with NIHSS Mentors in both regions indicating the most convenient and preferred region to attend the doctoral workshops.



All Scholarship queries can be directed to: or call NIHSS switchboard line at 011 480 2300.

Dr Nthabiseng Motsemme

Academic Director: Scholarships


Ms Ayanda Zondi

Grants Manager: Scholarships

011 480 2343


Ms Thandiwe Sechele

Programme Administrator: Scholarships

011 480 2338


Ms Hlanzekile Mbokazi

Project Coordinator: National Mentorship Programme; Scholarships: CODESRIA

011 480 2325


Ms Ignatia Madalane

Project Coordinator: University Administrator Initiative; Scholarships: SAHUDA

011 480 2321