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Polygyny and Gender: The Gendered Narratives of Adults in Polygynous Families

The thesis interrogates the gender identity construction of adults raised in polygynous families in the Hammarsdale area in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The study aims to contribute to the fields of gender and identity construction from an African perspective by examining gender relations in polygynous families of Zulu origin. As researcher I seek to highlight the complexities of the gender identities under investigation, as participants negotiate between modern, constitutional, individual freedoms and patriarchal, cultural, communal customs and traditions. Through the use of a qualitative interpretivist theoretical paradigm, I highlight how the communal processes; revealed in the views and perceptions of the research participants, intersect with my multidimensional positionality as researcher, to produce knowledge.

Author: Zamambo, Valentine Mkhize

ISBN: 9781869144746

Year of Publication: November 2021

Publisher: UKZN Press


Zamambo, Valentine Mkhize
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