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Liliesleaf - passing on struggle teachings to school learners

Human Rights Day, 21 March, is a reminder of our painful history in our country never to be forgotten, as we now commemorate and reflect on the sacrifices and suffering of those who came before us.

Together with the Liliesleaf Trust, NIHSS hosted educational sessions for school learners at Liliesleaf Farm, Rivonia in Johannesburg.  The discussion gave learners a first-hand account of the legacy of the South African liberation struggle and the country’s heritage and history. 

“We launched the Humanities Hubs Pilot Project in 2015, which culminated in the planned education sessions over the two-week period around Human Rights day.  Through Democracy Quest, our aim was to develop an outreach programme that sought to rejuvenate an interest and appreciation in our history and an understanding of its importance,” said Sarah Mosoetsa, NIHSS CEO.

The pilot project was the realisation and recognition of the fact that South African children need these useful tools to help them to better understand our world and its complexities. The humanities discipline teaches essential information about the world around us, including history and cultural literacy.

The education sessions, part of the Democracy Quest Outreach Educational Programme, piloted with 10 schools around Gauteng for learners who are in grades four to nine, looked at the rich Liliesleaf narrative and provided learners an opportunity to participate in the different narratives of the South African struggle.  The learners visiting Liliesleaf Farm were taken on an educational tour around the farm.

The pilot project consists of different components - a colloquium held last year, of which its aim was to assess and analyse South Africa’s 21 years of democracy, the meaning thereof and relevance; the Democracy Quest educational outreach programme; and a mobile exhibition for university campuses, earmarked to visit around the country for the commemoration of Youth Day, on 16th June 2016.

“We are very excited by the possibilities that this pilot project holds for deepening democratic engagement among learners,” Mosoetsa concluded.

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