• A Working Life, Cruel Beyond Belief

    A Working Life, Cruel Beyond Belief is the first book in the Hidden Voices series and is Qabula’s testament, telling the powerful story of his life and work. It also contains a generous selection of his poetry.

  • A working life, cruel beyond belief

    The NIHSS in partnership with Jacana Press recently launched Alfred Temba Qabula’s ‘A working life, cruel beyond belief.Qabula was born in the Transkei in 1942. Discussants included Minister of Higher Education Dr.

  • Africa’s Cause Must Triumph - The Collected Writings of AP MDA

    The Class of ‘44’, the founders of the African National Congress Youth League (CYL) in 1944, includes a remarkable list of names: Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Oliver Tambo, Anton Lembede, and Ashby Peter (A.P.) Mda. While much has been written on the others, relatively little attention has been paid to Mda, the Youth League president from 1947 to 1947 whom his peers regarded as the foremost political intellectual and strategist of their generation.

  • At the Foot of the Volcano

    At a time of robust public contestation about higher education in South Africa, At the Foot of the Volcano focuses on the personal journeys of university lecturers as ordinary people.

  • Biko: Philosophy, Identity and Liberation

    Steve Biko was not only considered a `brilliant political theorist' but is also considered a formidable and articulate philosopher'. However, Biko is not simply and merely a philosopher in the manner in which Immanuel Kant was a philosopher, but a philosopher of a special kind, an important Africana existential philosopher.

  • Black South African Autobiography after Deleuze

    The NIHSS is delighted to support publications challenging the literary canon and representations.  Black South African Autobiography After Deleuze: Belonging and Becoming in Self-Testimony is a recent publication by literary scholar Kgomotso Michael Masemola. The author explores French theorist Gilles Deleuze’s notions of immanence and deterritorialization.

  • Black South African Autobiography after Deleuze Belonging and Becoming in Self-Testimony

    In this book author Kgomotso Michael Masemola uses Gilles Deleuze’s theories of immanence and deterritorialization to explore South African autobiography as both the site and the limit of intertextual cultural memory.

  • Breaking Intergenerational Cycles of repetition: A global dialogue on Historical trauma and memory

    Professor Pumla Gobodo – Madikizela launched her latest publication Breaking Intergenerational Cycles of repetition:  A global dialogue on Historical trauma and memory at the offices of the NIHSS on the 7th of March 2017.

  • Breaking Intergenerational Cycles of Repetition: A Global Dialogue on Historical Trauma and Memory

    The authors in this volume explore the interconnected issues of intergenerational trauma and traumatic memory in societies with a history of collective violence across the globe. Each chapter’s discussion offers a critical reflection on historical trauma and its repercussions and how memory can be used as a basis for dialogue and transformation.

  • Broadcasting Democracy Radio and Identity in South Africa

    The media play a key role in post-apartheid South Africa and is often positioned at the centre of debates around politics, identity and culture. Media, such as radio, are often said to also play a role in deepening democracy, while simultaneously holding the power to frame political events, shape public discourse and impact citizens’ perceptions of reality.


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