• Zulu Names, Poligyny and Gender Politics in Traditional Societies

    In this book Evangeline Bonisiwe Zungu provides insight into the Zulu polygynous families. Titled Zulu Names, Polygyny and Gender Politics in Traditional Societies, the book also examines how Zulu anthroponyms used in respect of the living-dead reflect social behaviour patterns within homesteads. 

  • Young Families Gender, Sexuality and Care

    Young Families: Gender, Sexuality and Care draws together unique and compelling essays about the contexts of early childbearing, a topic that is now taken for granted.

  • Wangari Maathai’s Registers of Freedom

    We are proud to announce that Voices of Liberation Series project continues to bear fruits! The Voices of Liberation Series is a collaboration between NIHSS and HSRC Press.

  • Voices of Liberation: Thomas Sankara

    The book starts with a comprehensive timeline covering Thomas Sankara’s life and major events in the history of the continent and region. His Life section provides the most critical and fraternal assessment of the 1980s radical experiment within the broader history of the country, the region and continent. 

  • Voices of Liberation: Archie Mafeje

    This monograph should be understood as an attempt to contextualise Mafeje’s work and thinking and adds to gripping intellectual biographies of African intellectuals by African researchers.

  • Voices of Liberation Miriam Tlali

    Pumla Dineo Gqola who edited this book Voices of Liberation Miriam Tlali Writing Freedom, traces Miriam Tlali’s life (1933–2017). Miriam Tlali is the first black woman in South Africa to publish a novel, Miriam Tlali was also an internationally acclaimed playwright, author of short stories, essayist, and not least, activist against apartheid.

  • Twenty Years of the Caine Prize for African Writing

    Celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the Caine Prize for African Writing – often referred to as the ‘African Booker Prize’ – this collection showcases all twenty prize-winning short stories

  • These are the things that sit with us

    These are things that sit with us - this book makes visible undocumented everyday experiences that shaped the lives of ordinary South Africans during the country’s brutal and painful past. By sharing their memories, the storytellers map the scope of the wider, and difficult, conversation about the meaning of justice and the missing parts of the discourse of reconciliation in South Africa.

  • The Unresolved National Question

    The Unresolved National Question in South Africa is an extremely valuable contribution to the decades-long debate on South African nationhood. This edited volume examines the way in which various strands of left thought have addressed the National Question, especially during the apartheid years, and goes on to discuss its relevance for South A

  • The Unresolved National Question

    The NIHSS in partnership with WITS Press supported the publication of ‘The Unresolved National Question,’ a publication co – edited by Professor Edward Webster and Karin Pampallis.  The publication uncovers distinct traditions of the national question and related perceptions. Apart from providing a historical and conceptual overview. The book brings to the mainstream hidden voices of the past and elevates leftist traditions.


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