• Democratic Marxism Series, The Climate Crisis

    Capitalism’s addiction to fossil fuels is heating our planet at a pace and scale never before experienced. Extreme weather patterns, rising sea levels and accelerating feedback loops are a commonplace feature of our lives. The number of environmental refugees is increasing and several island states and low-lying countries are becoming vulnerable. Corporate-induced climate change has set us on an ecocidal path of species extinction.

  • Development Social Policy and Community Action

    This book is a culmination of multi-faceted research conducted in the poor, urban area of Doornkop, Soweto, using a range of different methodological approaches and theoretical perspectives that all broaden our understanding of citizen-community-state interactions in disadvantaged, urban communities in South Africa.

  • Flashes in Her Soul

    Flashes in Her Soul is the second book in the Hidden Voices series and is the story of Jabu Ndlovu, a shop steward of the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa and a community leader in Imbali near Pietermaritzburg. 

  • Forging Solidarity Popular Education at Work

    Animating this book is a twofold question: In what ways are adult and popular educators responding to various harsh economic, political, cultural and environmental conditions? In doing so, are they planting seeds of hope for and imaginings of alternative futures which can connect individuals and communities locally and globally to achieve economic, ecological and social justice?

  • Forging solidarity: Popular education at work

    The NIHSS is proud to announce the launch of Forging Solidarity: popular education at work, an edited collection by Prof. Shirley Walters and Prof. Astrid von Kotze. The book explores responses to political, cultural and educational questions of our day and the pursuit of social justice through popular education.

  • Justify the Enemy

    This book is a collection of non-fiction by the prolific author Zakes Mda. It showcases his role as a public intellectual with the inclusion of public lectures, essays and media articles. Mda focuses on South Africa’s history and the present, identity and belonging, the art of writing, human rights, global warming and why he is unable to keep silent on abuses of power.

    Pages: 278

  • Learning for Living – Towards a New Vision for Post-School Learning in South Africa

    This book challenges policy makers, researchers, educators and civil society organisations to think critically about the relationship between post-school education and the world of work, and about how to transform the post-school system to better serve the needs and interests of rural and urban communities. It issues a call to action and proposes key principles to inform an alternative vision of post-school learning.

  • Liberating Masculinities

    In this publication, funded in part by the NIHSS, Ratele undertakes the challenge of “grappling with manhood in a society that supports the ideal of gender equality.” The book is part of a larger body of work by the author whose scholarship endeavours to liberate men from warped conceptions of masculinities navigating fetishized commoditization, violence and fluid sexualities.

  • Liberating Masculinities

    In this book Kopano Ratele suggests that all masculinities are working models, and some models might be more unworkable given the prevailing structural conditions. The more models of masculinity we have access to, the higher the likelihood that some will be workable, even liberating. Liberating Masculinities presents ways to understand the contestations around masculinity and gender relations. 

  • Media and Citizenship Between Marginalization and Participation

    How central are the media to the functioning of democracy? Is democracy primarily about citizens using their vote? Does the expression of their voice necessarily empower citizens? Media and Citizenship challenges some assumptions about the relationship between the media and democracy in highly unequal societies like South Africa.


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