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University of the Witwatersrand

Food Security in Rural Areas: The Case of the Umkhanyakude District Municipality in the Northern Region of KwaZulu-Natal.

Studies on food security focusing on households began attracting considerable attention in the mid-1970s following a surge in the cost of food production and food prices. The surge in prices led to increasing percentage of food insecure households throughout the world. To address the growing number of people affected by hunger, countries sought to develop new technological techniques to produce food in large quantities particularly in the developing world. The thrust of the approach was to ensure the availability of food first.

“Evaluating the usability and acceptability of a Youth-Friendly Internet-Enabled HIV risk calculator for young people living in Soweto, South Africa.

Mobile health (mHealth) is contributing positively towards HIV prevention for young people across the world. mHealth has the potential to enhance HIV prevention strategies by offering convenient, accessible and private HIV prevention services for young people.

Attitudes, behaviour and practices in the use of educational technology in mathematics teaching and learning

This study explored teachers’ and learners’ use of educational technology in mathematics teaching and learning environments. Mathematics is classified as one of the scarce skills subjects in South Africa. Any endeavour to try and improve the teaching and learning of mathematics is seen as a positive contribution towards mathematics education.

A Conversation Analytic investigation of caller entitlement in public South African medical emergency calls

Medical emergency call interactions are highly time-sensitive, and call-takers must capture relevant information from the caller accurately in the least possible time. Communication difficulties in these interactions may directly impact the efficiency of the emergency call, which can be detrimental to the efficiency of emergency services dispatch.

LIVED EXPERIENCE: A study of young people said to be missing in Education and Training yet not found in Employment, Kagiso, South Africa

Non-participation in education, training, and employment (NEET) has become the dominant feature in young people’s lives. At its launch the notion of ‘NEET’ was branded as a possible panacea to the identified as ‘social exclusion’ outcome.

Mediation in information and communication technology teacher development: towards effective ICT pedagogical integration in the classroom

In recent years, there has been growing interest in the integration of information and communication technology (ICT) in the education systems of countries across the globe. Such interest has often been premised on the assumption that ICT has great potential for improving the quality of education, yet it has contributed immensely to challenges teachers face in our society.

Is Ethiopia A Developmental State? An Enquiry into the Emergence of Domestic Capital in Complex Industrial Sectors

The slow process of structural transformation and lack of industrialization on the African continent clearly highlights the need for industrial policy. The Ethiopian state quickly realized this and implemented industrial policy to support and promote a number of light manufacturing sectors.

Rethinking Civil Society and Pan-African Participatory Governance: The Case of the African Union-New Partnership for Africa’s Development (AU-NEPAD)

This thesis is a journey of critical interrogation of power relations that underpin practices, techniques and rationalities of contemporary forms of governance represented by the governing strategy of the AU-NEPAD.

Pathways towards embodied technique: disrupting representationalism in South African contemporary dance praxis

This thesis and cartography form part of an artistic research project that seeks to disrupt representationalism in South African contemporary dance praxis. The study argues that discursive methodologies risk recrafting colonial scripts and tether contemporary dance practices within a framework that perceives such practices as responses to the aesthetics and practices of Western theatre dance.

Transnationalisation and Indigenisation of Euro- American Hymns in South Africa through the Creative Agency of Arranging

As a cultural practitioner, my work has often entailed choral practices within ensembles and beyond. My interest in the migration of ideas, especially those of a musical nature, has presented the use of Euro-American hymns in South Africa as a viable site for investigation.