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North West University

Silent sufferers: a sociological exploration of gender-based violence against South African men by women

GBV has become an epidemic in Southern Africa. With a growing body of research and policies centred on GBV, the phenomenon is largely understood from the male-inflicting-harm-on-female standpoint. Consider the following quotes regarding the importance ascribed to traditional (read hegemonic) meanings associated with masculinity in African culture: “Mudi wa gwoswi a una malila” (Translated from Tshivenda it means “the house of a weak man does not stand”) (Thobejane et al., 2018).

Explaining how young adults living with Williams syndrome learn life skills through music: a case study

This study was motivated by the fact that young adults living with Williams syndrome in South Africa do not have access to post-secondary institutions capable of addressing their distinctive educational needs. I was further driven to conduct this study due to the lack of support in the South African post-secondary educational system for young adults with Williams syndrome.

Evaluating the Victim Empowerment Programme in addressing gender-based violence in the North West Province

Gender-based violence is one of the major social problems that affects the quality of life and social functioning of many people, including women and girls globally. It contributes negatively to the physical, social, emotional and psychological well-being of any individual. While research on gender-based violence against women is documented, the scarcity of evaluation research focusing on social work interventions and programmes in rendering services to victims of GBV in South Africa is sparse.