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NIHSS in association with South African Deans' Association (SAHUDA)



"At a deeper level, we also look to our social scientists, philosophers, historians, artists & others to help us to rebuild our sense of nationhood, our independence and our ability to take our place proudly in the community of nations."

The late pan-African scholar Thandika Mkandawire made the pointed statement that one of the major problems in postcolonial Africa was the “failure of the political class to establish a productive and organic rapport with their own intelligentsia/intellectuals” and that across the continent, only in Algeria and in apartheid South Africa did such an organic link develop between the two.


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unimaginable challenges for our nation and the world. Our country’s response has been decisive, to prevent the spread of the virus and minimize its impact. At the National Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, we acknowledge that it cannot be business as usual. 


Anticipatory Grief

Two months since COVID-19 became a reality in our lives, the picture of what awaits us is coming into stark relief. Many of us will die. Many will most certainly be infected with the coronavirus and those of us who recover will know many others who will die. The wave is poised above our heads and its collapse is inevitable.

On folklore in times of Covid-19

COVID-19 catapulted itself upon the world with astounding chronodynamic rapidity, putatively from incubation and hatching in Wuhan, a city in the People’s Republic of China that has become the notorious caput mundi of the virus, to a pandemic of spectacular proportion that dominated every medium and form of communication and activity in every conceivable locus on the planet that is occupied by invasive humanity.

The Subaltern Cannot Breathe: between the 5G Mast and the COVID-19 Mask

Until Wuhan coughed in November 2019, it was a widely held historical commonplace that “When France sneezes, Europe catches a cold”. As I contemplate the devastation of the USpatented ‘Wuhan virus’ from my perilous existence in its Johannesburg epicenter, I deliberately eschew Statistical data on daily COVID-19 infections, deaths and recoveries because that only answers the tumescent question that stealthily occludes the disturbing fact that vaccines and technologies are deleterious to the body of the subaltern.

“How to make a Camera Obscura" instruction from 'MaBareBare, an expression of Khelobedu in the present' (2019)

For my contribution, I would like to offer some step-by-step instructions of “how to make a Camera Obscura” (pdf) in your own home/room or personal space. This instruction is an excerpt from my doctoral submission ‘MaBareBare, an expression of Khelobedu in the present’ (2019).