Emotional Experiences of Participants in all-male Psychotherapy Groups

Studies indicate that, except for anger, many men tend to avoid expressing their feelings, especially those feelings indicative of personal vulnerability and emotional dependency (Levant, Hall, Williams, & Hasan, 2009). Men are frequently portrayed as lacking the ability to recognise, own and find words with which to express their feeling experiences; this is captured by the term alexithymia (Levant, Hall, Williams, & Hasan, 2009).

The prevalence and effects of abuse against men in the three tribal authorities in INgwavuma District in KwaZulu-Natal

The study aimed at investigating the prevalence and effects of abuse or violence against men in an intimate relationship in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. Notably, the thesis is entitled “The prevalence and Effects of Abuse against Men in the three Tribal Authorities in Ingwavuma in KwaZulu-Natal”. The study defines domestic violence as an abusive behaviour by one or both partners in an intimate relationship (e.g. marriage, dating, family, friends, and cohabitation).

Comparative Analysis of Sesuto-English Dictionary and Sethantšo Sa Sesotho with Reference to Lexical Entries and Dictionary Design

Since the publication of Dr. Johnson’s first English dictionary in 1755, there have been rapid changes in the development of dictionaries in other parts of the world. However, the advances are perceived more in other languages of the world such as the European languages while in Africa, the changes have been very slow. The majority of dictionaries utilised by most Africans are bilingual and were produced by the missionaries.

Practices of Pleasure: Investigating Pornography Consumption in South Africa

Despite its enormous global lucrative charge, porn remains an under-researched topic in media studies, especially in Africa. Consumption theories which shed light on how people acquire, use and dispose of products (Aldridge 2003) can be used to explain the various ways people attain pornography and their motivations. In the context of South Africa, where pornography only became legal 20 years ago (1996), we still don’t have sufficient research that illuminates on the uses leading to the expansion of explicit media.

A comparative analysis of recidivism with specific reference to crimino-victimogenic variables, offence analysis and program participation

An understanding of the factors associated with the continued involvement in offending behaviour after the completion of a formal correctional sentence is important, not only from an intervention perspective but also in terms of policy development and sentencing legislation. Despite this importance, there is however a distinct dearth of both theoretical and empirical understandings of recidivism and its associated factors.

Childhood in selected post - 2000 West African war novels

This study explores how selected West African war novels employ non-realist narrative modes to portray disruptions in the child’s development into adulthood. The novels considered are Chris Abani’s Song for Night (2007), Ahmadou Kourouma’s Allah is Not Obliged (2006), Uzodinma Iweala’s Beasts of No Nation (2005) and Delia Jarrett-Macauley’s Moses, Citizen and Me (2005).

Climate change risk communication and asset protection in Delta State of Nigeria: perspectives on the impact of extreme weather conditions on the livelihoods of small scale farmers

The purpose of this study was to examine how subsistence farmers in the Delta State of Nigeria employed their asset portfolios i.e. human, financial, social, natural and physical capitals to build their adaptive capacity and resilience to climate variability and change. The study was also interested in understanding the extent to which climate change risk communication facilitated the protection and adaptation of subsistence farmer’s assets in the face of extreme weather warnings.